July 2019
WBRE: Yoga on the Roof at Steamtown Mall with Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic
WNEP Yoga on the Roof

January 2019
The Citizen’s Voice: The business of mindfulness: Eastern focus exercise goes mainstream
The Abington Suburban: Fitness Instructor Spotlight: Hilary Steinberg

August 2018
The Abington Journal: Feed Your Soul & Help Feed Others Raises Money for the Greenhouse Project

July 2018
The Scranton Times Tribune: Yogis Swarm the Rooftop for July 4 Session
WNEP: 'Yoga on the Roof' A Celebration of Freedom

February 2017
The Scranton Times-Tribune: Om is Where the Heart Is

January 2017
WNEP: Breaking the Cycle of Broken Resolutions

July 2016
WNEP: Independence Day Morning in Lackawanna County (Yoga on the Roof)
WBRE: Namaste! Rooftop Yoga to Benefit Philharmonic
The Scranton Times-Tribune: Yoga bring cal reflection to parking garage rooftop

June 2016
WBRE: Sunrise Yoga

February 2016
The Abington Journal: Donation Yoga Class to Benefit Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

December 2015
The Abington Journal: Four entrepreneurs who grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and now own businesses in the Abingtons share their reasons for staying

July 2015
The Scranton Times-Tribune: Yoga on the Roof Move Inside Garage, but Maintain Control of Body, Mind
The Abington Suburban: Meet Jaya Yoga’s Hilary Steinberg

June 2015
The Abington Suburban: Jaya Yoga: Soulful Living on State Street

December 2014
The Abington Journal: Healing During the Holidays

July 2014
WNEP: Rooftop Yoga Raises Money for NEPA Philharmonic

January 2014
The Abington Journal: Jaya's Little Warriors

June 2013
Momentum: Women Setting Their Own Course of Success

May 2013
The Abington Suburban: Jaya Win the Best of the Abingtons
Hilary talks with Dr. Joseph McAullife of ProActive Family Chiropratic on 94.3 The Talker

November 2012
The Abington Suburban: Pose of the Month

October 2012
The Abington Suburban: Pose of the Month

September 2012
The Abington Suburban: Pose of the Month

June 2012
WNEP: Leckey Live! Bike & Tour Festival
PA Live: Little Warriors

May 2012
The Abington Suburban: Jaya Wins Best Yoga Studio

January 2012
The Abington Suburban: Connecting to Yourself
The Abington Suburban: Fresh Year, Fresh You

December 2011
Electric City: The Best Of Jaya Wins Best Pilates/Yoga Studio

August 2011
The Scranton Times-Tribune: For Downward Dogs, Scranton a Hot Spot

July 2011
The Scranton Times-Tribune: Night of Yoga Aids Argonish Ride/Wounded Vets