Are you ready for a yoga challenge?

YOGANITY is an intense yoga program that will transform your body, mind, and spirit into their strongest versions. Meet the Summer with the best version of yourself! Keep peace in the mind, health in the body, and happiness in the heart. YOGANITY is designed to improve concentration & discipline, strengthen your core & build cardiovascular endurance, break old habits/create good habits and cultivate a regular yoga practice. WARNING: Side effects include a great looking body!

Dates & Times:

Yoganity Summer
Session 1 Begins June 5
Session 2 Begins: July 3
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
6:00 am at Jaya Yoga


4 week, 12-class package for $119
8 week, 24-class package for $229


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Here's what our students are saying about YOGANITY...
I was quite apprehensive at first, endeavoring into the uncharted waters of YOGANITY ...and rightfully so. It is difficult and challenging, but the changes that I have undergone have been so fabulously great and profound. It will really challenge you, mentally and so much physically, but isn't that why you do it in the first place! The first week is so hard....and waking up is not easy. Second week is also hard. third week, you notice you are looking forward to certain things. your body is magically doing things you never really thought you could do! Fourth week, you are becoming The Boss, and 5th week, you are Crushing It. I found it so compelling the first time I did it, that I did a 10 week program , and I have not regretted a day of it. I found strength, love, community, and at 47 I can finally do push BAD ASS no less. Mentally, I changed and evolved. I have confidence and a community I appreciate so much. I am totally sold...and I am definitely not a follower, by nature, this is growth and beauty.
Much appreciation,
Donna Fitzgerald Vannan

For me, Yoganity has been one awesome experience. It has changed me for the better - physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a result of my weeks spending 6 am with Cat and the rest of the gang at Jaya Yoga, I am more physically fit than I ever have been in my life, even more than when I trained for a half marathon. My arms actually have muscle definition for the first time in my life! I have not taken pictures or measurements, but my clothes definitely fit better.
What I love about Yoganity is how it kicks my booty into shape in such a supportive, loving, non-judgmental environment. Even when being pushed to hold Navasana for five more counts, or tacking on another set of Chaturanga pushups, I never feel like I don't belong there if I just need to rest back in child's pose for a moment (or two... or three). And yet, Yoganity has made me more confident in my physical abilities. I am more inclined to push myself harder and farther than I might have before. It is not easy, but it is worth it. As Cat always reminds us, much brings more.
And the support and benefits go beyond the physical. If I'm struggling with a personal issue, or just having a day when there are a million things on my mind, Yoganity helps me work through it. More often than not, I laugh at least once during every class. Whatever negative issue I might bring with me into class, it's left on the mat.
Yoganity clears my mind. Yoganity brings me energy. Yoganity brings me peace. Yoganity makes me stronger. Oh, and the playlists. Yoganity's soundtrack is awesome.
A devoted lover of Yoganity

As a mom of 2 kids, both under the age of 3, I was certain Yoganity was far out of my league. Sure, I had practiced yoga in the past, and before my first child I would have classified myself as ‘physically fit,’ but I hadn’t done any yoga in three years! Anyone who has kids and works full time knows, it’s hard to do anything that’s just for you.   So, it made ZERO sense for me to sign up for Yoganity’s Summer 2014 Session. But I did it!
Once I hit the ‘Submit’ button on Jaya’s website, I immediately called the studio to tell Hilary that I made a huge mistake, “I can’t take this yoga boot camp. I haven’t done yoga in at least 3 years!”  To which she replied, “Whether you think you CAN or you CAN’T - you’re right.”
That statement stuck with me for the 6 weeks of Yoganity.
Yoganity is hard.  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  Cat is a great teacher/instructor/mentor/coach. She challenges you to challenge yourself.   I thought Yoganity was going to be an advanced class with lots of handstands, and arm balancing poses.  It is, and isn’t.  Cat encourages you to be the best you, on your mat. She guides you to go beyond where you think you can go. And best of all, Cat inspires you.  I walked out of each class feeling grateful that I treated myself to an hour of physical intensity. Yoganity wasn’t about holding a perfect, flawless, picturesque pose. I felt it was about being present in the moment, noticing what felt lousy and what felt great, and pushing myself to an edge, where I could evolve – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  
After the six weeks was over, I was thankful that I had the audacity to sign up, to take time for myself, to allow for self-reflection, and to embrace the challenge that was Yoganity!
Betsy Curtain