Summer is coming and Jaya is going to the lake!

We are excited to announce Jaya’s new floating studio! Beginning June 1, 2019 Jaya will be offering Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga classes at Lake Hideaway in Moscow!

#Namastayafloat is a two hour session including an introduction to paddle boarding, a short paddle journey, and an hour of guided yoga on the boards. Water below, sky above. Improve balance, coordination, flexibility and strength with yoga on the water! This is an all levels yoga class that is suitable for new paddlers. No SUP experience is needed, just a willingness for adventure and fun out on the water!

Check out our paddle inspiration Jana Mars and her amazing floating studio at Aqua Vida.

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SUP Yoga Classes

SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) classes will begin on June 1, 2019!

Regular classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am - 11:00am at Lake Hideaway in Moscow, PA. Saturday classes will be available upon request.

Can't make class? Interested in a private group session or event at Lake Hideaway or a different location? 

Email or call 570-319-1726. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of floating my yoga practice/workout?

Peg Hil Paddle SUP.jpg
  • low impact

  • balance training and core stabilization

  • body must engage secondary muscles we overlook in strength training and cardio exercise

  • board naturally realigns body (left and right) and there is a release as well as you let go to the sway of the board

  • board is your partner, showing you your imbalances and strengths/weaknesses

  • full engagement, mind and body

  • deep concentration as you find the balance within each pose

  • your senses are invigorated as you feel the sun on the skin, cool breeze, and watch the mesmerizing water all around you

  • the gentle rocking of the board is incredibly tranquil for the body and relaxes  the nervous system

  • Fresh Air and Sunshine!

  • It’s fun! 

Will I fall in?

  • Jaya's Namastayafloat classes are designed to be stable. We build our practice by starting low and connecting with the board, then gradually rising to a standing flow. Our teachers offer modifications to add ease or challenge to every pose. We offer playtime during every class, which opens up the opportunity to explore more poses that are inherently unstable – sometimes a splash or two may happen here!

    You will get wet though! Our hands, feet, back and abdomen touch the water and so we recommend you do bring a towel and/or change of clothing for after class!

What should I wear/bring?

  • A swimsuit or yoga/athletic clothing are recommended. Bring your own towel, a bottle of water and your sense of adventure!

    ** Reservation policy: 48 hour or more cancellation - 100% refund, 24 hour or more cancellation - 50% refund, day of cancellation or no show - no refund ** 

    If class is cancelled because of the weather, see below (What happens if it rains?).

What happens if it rains?

  • Our classes are weather permitting - if there is precipitation any time in the 24 hour prior to the start of class, or 40% or more chance of rain within two hours of class, class will be cancelled and we will offer you a spot in the next available class, or any future class, or offer a full refund. If class is scheduled, and rain begins an hour or more into the class, there will be no refunds.