Check our schedule for the classes we are currently offering. We suggest pre-registration for regularly scheduled classes.

All yoga classes are taught in a Vinyasa flow style and are between 60 - 75 minutes, unless otherwise noted.

30/30 (YOGA/PILATES): A fusion of yoga and Pilates to build core strength and tone muscles, while improving fleibility, balance and mind/body connection. All levels welcome.

ASTANGA FUSION: A blend of postures from all the Ashtanga series. This class will consist of more challenging flows and bring students to the next level in their practice. Prior experience with yoga is highly recommended.

BEGINNERS SERIES: This series introduces beginners to power Vinyasa yoga. It is also a fantastic refresher course for more experienced yogis. Each class builds on the previous one, allowing the foundations of Vinyasa yoga and the physical and mental benefits to unfold. All levels welcome, must be pre-registered.

CANDLELIGHT YOGA: Indulge in the ultimate yoga experience combining soft music and candlelight to soothe the soul as you slowly glide through various yoga postures. Ease physical, emotional and mental tension moving toward your mist peaceful version of self. All levels welcome.

FRIDAY FLOW: Move and breathe with focus on alignment and breath. Drop in, unite body and mind in a practice let go of the week, anticipations of the weekend and embrace the present moment. All levels welcome.

HEATED VINYASA FLOW YOGA: An all level yoga class taught in a room heated to 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat will provide for a detoxifying sweat while you flow through an athletic and dynamic sequence of postures. Prior experience with yoga is highly recommended.

JAYA FLY: Explore arm balances and inversions though creative flows. Special emphasis on wrist & shoulder mobility/flexibility, core engagement & strengthening, and plenty of play. Intermediate yoga experience required.

LITTLE WARRIORS (KIDS YOGA): Cooperative games, theme activities, storytelling, music and art engage the natural energy and enthusiasm of a child. Classes explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation techniques while conveying lessons in self-expression, body image, social skills, positive thinking and environmental awareness they are sure to carry into their everyday lives.

OPEN LEVEL YOGA: Designed for all levels of students, every student will be integrated into the class. Modifications will be given for each level of experience. Everyone will take the practice to their level and modify as needed. All levels welcome.

PILATES MAT: Based on Joseph Pilates method of strengthening abdominal and back muscles while developing pelvic stability and abdominal control. A great compliment to any yoga practice, it promotes ease and efficiency of movement through focused, slow, careful and controlled exercise. Pilates creates long, lean muscles while enhancing strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on posture. All levels welcome.

RISE AND SHINE: Wake up the body and stoke the fire with an energizing flow and playlist. Grab your morning zen and meet the day refreshed and ready for action. All levels welcome.

SLOW FLOW: A gentler approach to Vinyassa yoga. Sequencing at a slower pace, so you can build a solid foundation, healthy alignment and breath awareness. Great for beginners. All levels welcome. Great for beginners. All levels welcome.

SUNRISE YOGA: Awakens your senses and begins the day with an invigorating and energizing 60 minute class. A flowing series of dynamic postures designed to physically and mentally awaken your body and mind. Using a Vinyasa format with more focus on standing and heart opening postures to give you a powerful start to your day! All levels welcome.

YIN FLOW: Begin with the long, deep Yin holds (3-5 minutes), lengthening the body's connective tissue to enhance flexibility in the joints, followed by an alignment & breath focused flow. All levels welcome.