Happy May Day!

Even though it seemed as if it might never happen, the first of May is finally here.  Thinking back over this past winter, I remember weeks where I thought enough already!  I’m so grateful for my yoga practice, which provided me with the guidance I needed during the coldest and darkest days.  Now it seems odd the sun doesn’t set until after 7 PM, but I’m not complaining!


In March we celebrated the 8th anniversary of the opening of Jaya Yoga Studio.  All those who came to join Hilary and her wonderful group of teachers made it quite the festive occasion.  I asked Hilary about those early days, weeks and months, and here is what she shared: 

“It’s hard to believe eight years have come and gone. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! Jaya has surpassed anything I could have imagined. The teachers, staff, and students have created a community second to none. The support, encouragement, strength, love, and friendship shared, on the mat and off, is humbling and empowering. I’m consistently inspired by this incredible group of humans. 

2019 is shaping up to be our busiest yet, as we embarked on two new adventures. In January we launched Jaya Daily, Jaya’s online yoga studio which allows students the ability to practice on their own terms. Sometimes life gets in the way and being able to go online to practice with the Jaya Tribe anywhere, anytime, and from any device is something I really wanted to offer because a home practice is a wonderful addition to any studio practice. 

At the ‘birthaversary’ party in March, we showcased a fleet of paddle boards, revealing Jaya’s newest undertaking.   This Summer we will be offering signature Namastayafloat paddleboard yoga classes. Yoga often challenges us with new poses and flows, encouraging us to walk toward change with excitement rather than fear. Yoga also encourages us to get up and try again if we fall down. Paddleboard yoga seems to embody these sentiments in spades. We will dive in together on June 1st at our launch event at Lake Hideaway in Moscow, where we will hold regular classes on Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 9 AM - 11 AM. Keep checking our website and social media outlets for additional class times.” 


At the party two paddleboards were set up in one of the studios giving everyone a chance to try them out.  Crowds gathered as teachers and students alike took their turn.  As an observer, I can tell you it was pretty cool and a lot of buzz was generated!  Many were surprised they were able to steady themselves on a paddleboard, and a lot of interest and excitement was expressed in this latest offering. 

In no time, we will be able to enjoy the May flowers brought on by all the April showers, and the days will continue to grow warmer and longer.  And as we move into the summer months, don’t forget we have special events scheduled throughout.  In May alone we have the following:

May 5th at 4 PM

Replenish & Restore - a special candlelight restorative yoga class using Reiki and Young Living Oils to facilitate a deeper release and relaxation.   

May 11th at 10 AM

Breathe, Bend & Buildup - a special outdoor, all-levels yoga class celebrating an inspiring group of young people and to support BUILD UP (a non-profit that empowers youth to positively impact others through inspirational and encouraging handwritten messages.)  This is a donation class, and all proceeds go to benefit BUILD UP.

For more information on these, and all of our special events, please check out the website under the tab Workshops & Events.

As always, we are happy to have you visit us here on our blog and would love to hear from you.  So please, feel free to leave us a comment or pose a question.  And, please encourage your yoga friends to visit us as well.  

Each week new content is added to Jaya Daily, Jaya’s online yoga studio, with more opportunities to practice with your Jaya tribe anywhere, anytime, from any device! Vacationing this Summer? Take Jaya with you.  Life at home making it difficult to get away?  Jaya Daily is there for you. 

And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.  Hilary updates the account daily with class schedules, motivational quotes, and photographs.  Be sure to tag us (@jayayogastudio) in any of your Jaya Studio yoga posts on IG, be it in the studio or on your mat practicing with our online classes.  We always love to see your photos!

Until next time…