Hilary's Monthly Musing - January

Right Time.png

Some days it’s impossible to get to the studio, because, let’s face it, life happens.  So does weather.  That’s why we created Jaya Daily.  Now you can get your zen online, anywhere, anytime.  We wanted to make it possible for you to join your Jaya tribe whenever, and wherever, from any device in order to meditate, practice, or work on one of your favorite poses with a tutorial.  The new online platform allows you to stay consistent in the face of life’s little speed bumps.

Maybe you struggle to cultivate a home practice.  Jaya Daily can help.  Distractions happen.  Have pets, kids, to-do lists?  Your home practice doesn’t have to look just like your studio practice.  In fact, it should look different.  Maybe you get on your mat and pop in for a quick class while your laundry is in the dryer.  Maybe it’s 10 minutes of handstand or crow play.  It could even be your favorite restorative posture in front of your favorite tv show. 

 A little more than five years ago, the studio was booming and I was teaching. A lot.  What I wasn’t doing as much of was practicing.  Free time was devoted to new playlists, covering other teachers classes, etc.  Often we overlook ourselves to get those to-do lists done.  So, on a cold, December day I threw down my mat and haven’t looked back. 

Some days my body knew what it needed and guided me.  Other days I needed to be led and videos helped.  The best classes were those led by my teachers, speaking my language, and that’s what I want Jaya Daily to be for you - an extension of the incredible in-studio community and an opportunity for people to stay connected when they can’t make it to Jaya.

I get on my mat. Every. Single. Day. And each day my practice looks different.  One day it might be two shorter practices, with one in the morning and one in the evening.  Another day it could be Yin or Restorative; some days a vigorous vinyasa.  The point is perfection is a myth.  Throw on a video.  Listen to a five minute audio meditation while you fold laundry.  What it looks like is up to you.  Videos or no videos, make the time you do have the right time.