Resolutions vs. Intentions

how doors work.png

The New Year is a time to start fresh and make changes. It’s a metaphoric clean slate.  But we get a clean slate every day, every hour, every minute.  It’s our mindset.  Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?  Want the secret to starting the year with a no lose mindset?  

Let’s start by kicking resolutions to the curb! Resolutions are an archaic unforgiving idea you need to toss out with last night’s trash. Resolutions are absolutes. They feel judgey and have a connotation of you not being good enough as you are. This is the opposite of yoga. They are outdated and unforgiving, much like an ex. Remember they are exes for a reason.  

The key to success lies in Sankalpa or intention.  It’s single pointed focus and resolve. Intentions aren’t absolute; you don’t fail with a misstep. And lets face it we are humans. We are imperfect creatures and there will always be missteps.  

Quickly swallowing a sandwich in the car on the way to a meeting or enjoying a 4-course meal at 6pm is still considered eating. It’s the intention that matters.

Are you trying to race through the meal or enjoy it? Savor it?  What is the motivation? Is it dinner, supper, fine dining or grabbing a bite? 

Intention is deciding to improve on what is already there.  Like yoga, clearing away the clutter to reveal what is buried beneath.

Create your Sankalpa. Say it aloud. Write it on a post it note or ten. Breathe it in on your mat. Make it a word or a statement that is realistic and can be supported with action steps.  

And if you make a mistake, veer off course; intentionally choose to get back on the path. Seriously when one door closes, open it again. That’s how doors work.