Hilary's Monthly Musing - September

For a moment I thought about quieting down the conversation in teen yoga the other day, but then I decided to listen instead.  In front of me was a group of teens, from different schools, talking about the same struggles.  These girls may see a different view every day, but the hurdles, roadblocks, and challenges they meet are the same in so many ways.  We are more similar than different. We all suffer from the human condition and that is so much a part of yoga.

Jaya is a place where no one cares about how much money you make, whether you have perfect hair, or what your job is, etc. There are no consequences here.  If you can do a pose, great; if not, keep practicing. Our value as humans doesn’t come from a yoga pose.  Our character, however, can be strengthened by what we learn when we fall out of one.

Jaya was born from an idea.  I saw a place where people could come to be inspired, to let the best version of themselves shine.  I hoped for a place where people could feel free to be in the moment and celebrate the experience of life.  

The well known quote “practice and all is coming” means ALL is coming - - the good, bad, light, dark, easy, difficult, etc.

Since Jaya opened its doors seven and a half years ago, it has grown to become more than just a yoga studio.  It’s a community center. It’s a church.  It’s a wellness center.  It’s a lifeline.  

Yoga is a way of life and Jaya, and the yogi community, reflect that off the mat.  The connections people have made here are priceless. From our pink ponies to yoga jail, Jaya has it’s own breath, it’s own personality, it’s own energy. It’s truly beyond anything I could have planned or imagined.

Being that September is National Yoga month, it’s the perfect time to extend the reach of yoga and offer more opportunity and access to mindful, healthy content. As you may know, I have been working on relaunching the Jaya blog.  I am feeling really good about this little change that I believe will provide another opportunity for us to connect and grow together. Through the blog, we are building a place where we can share recipes, articles, and ideas, and invite more people to experience the community at Jaya off the mat.  So take time once a week to check us out, and please, let me know what you think.  

And if you find something worthy of sharing with your friends, Jaya yogis or not, please do so.  Jaya is about connection and community.  Thank you for being such an important part of that vision.