Hilary's Monthly Musing - December

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Do you take better care of your cell phone than you do of your mind? 

Let’s be honest.  For many of us, our cell phones have become so important that we sleep with them, eat with them, and, quite possibly, feel anxious if they are out of sight.  As a society, we have become completely dependent on this tiny, electronic device.  We collectively spend more time and money (fancy cases, apps, etc.) on our phones than we do taking care of ourselves.  

But here’s the thing people - - self-care is the new health care.    

Health begins and ends with peace-of-mind.  Science supports the negative affects of stress on our bodies, and, let’s face it, never in modern history have humans been so stressed.  We live in a constant state of it.  Most of us are so used to it, we aren’t even aware we are taking shallow breaths, experiencing muscle tightness, suffering from adrenal fatigue…and the list goes on.

Are you worried? 

Here’s something to think about - what is it that we really, truly need VS. what we want in order to make life easier or, as the saying goes, keep up with the Jones’?   

Who hesitates at the thought of buying a gym/studio membership because of cost, but gets that new phone case with no hesitation?  Who has thought going organic was too expensive, but has been eager to upgrade to the newest iPhone every time one is released?  

Desire is an imposition on peacefulness.  Why?  Because peace is desire-less; it needs nothing to exist.  Cell phones, and electronic devices in general, prevent us from experiencing quiet.  And let’s be honest - in our modern world, silence can be uncomfortable.  

Are you starting to fidget at the mere suggestion of it?  

Most of us have had that experience - sitting in stillness, hearing the thoughts, but not wanting to think them, and trying to find a way to distract ourselves.  Most humans want to avoid feeling uncomfortable.  In fact, many will go to great lengths to avoid discomfort.  

As a society, it seems we are developing an Avoidance Disorder.  Our coping skills are failing.  Because of the modern world, people don’t want to feel anything.  If Siri or Alexa can’t fix it, the slightest struggle can send people onto a tailspin. 

Electronic devices, in general, provide humans an easy out; a way to avoid doing the hard work and the heart-work. The energetic vibration of a cell phone can mess with our energetic vibrations and vice versa.  We are out-of-sync with our selves, seeking answers from an electronic device when we are the only true knower of the answers we seek.  

A cell phone, iPad, or any electronic device is replaceable; however, you are not.  While these devices are expensive, you, my friend, are priceless.   

So, please, know your worth.  Spend the extra time and money on yourself, rather than a device.  Use the tools Meditation, Yoga, and Reiki provide to live a healthier, happier, more peaceful life.