National Yoga Month & New Classes!

September is National Yoga month and to celebrate Jaya is offering all new students an introductory $30 for 30 days deal! Current members bring a friend or lots of them and get a FREE class for each new yogi you bring to Jaya this month!

Beginning the week of September 12th, enjoy even more classes at Jaya Yoga.  Check out the details below!

5:30 pm – Slow Flow with Annmarie
A slow, gentle, but deep approach to Vinyasa yoga. This practice links poses to breath to revel body awareness, inner strength and easeful opening. Great for beginners. All levels welcome.

7:00pm – Guided Meditation with Lisa
A 30 minute guided practice helping to cultivate attention, awareness, presence, compassion, and awakening to one’s own life.  Through breath and body awareness you will practice connecting with the present moment and being more aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations. This class is a great opportunity to squeeze in a meditation after work, before dinner or on your way home. All levels welcome.

7:00pm – Aromatherapy Meditation with Katie
A meditation class designed to lift your spirit and boost your energy while simultaneously relaxing and balancing. Each session will offer an essential oil to use during class to be inhaled and/or applied to each person. Class will include a guided meditation and calming music at the end. All levels welcome.

6:45pm – Heated Power Hour with Drew
An open level yoga class taught in a room heated to 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat will provide for a detoxifying sweat while you flow through an athletic and dynamic sequence of postures. Prior experience with yoga is recommended.