A series of six, 90-minute sessions introducing beginners to Vinyasa yoga. With discussion & practice this series is also a fantastic refresher course for more experienced yogis. Each class builds on the previous one. All levels welcome.

A FREE MAT is included with registration to the Beginner's Series!

Class #1: Basics: Breath & Sun Salutations
Class #2: A Solid Foundation: Standing Poses & Balance
Class #3: Hips & Core
Class #4: Chest Openers & Arm Strengtheners
Class #5: The Spine
Class #6: Tying it Together


Dates & Times:

All classes are from 10:00am - 11:30am at Jaya Yoga

Saturday, August 17th
Saturday, August 24th
Saturday, August 31st
Saturday, September 7th
Saturday, September 14th
Saturday, September 21st


Includes a FREE MAT


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*Cancellations are only allowed two weeks prior to the series starting date.

Here's what students are saying about Jaya's Beginner's Series...
“If you have ever thought of taking yoga classes, but were not sure where to start, Jaya Yoga Studio Beginner Series could be just the answer! I took the beginner series in September of 2015 and really enjoyed and learned from the classes! Now more than a year later, I average five classes a week, and love the results. My flexibility, balance, core strength and peace of mind are as good as they were 25 years ago! If Jaya can do this for an old curmudgeon like me, imagine the possibilities!” - Tom C.